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Filipino fare enjoyed by generations is now being served at Mama Lor in Werribee's Watton Street 'eat street' hub. The family-owned-and-operated business originally began in 2017 in Sydney offering traditional dishes along with a range of bread and bakery products before opening their second outlet in Werribee in October 2019.


Good Food NSW's 100 Good Things 21-40: Falafel, Filipino cuisine, chocolate

Try a cuisine with a rich and varied history that's starting to gain traction in Australia. Mama Lor in Rooty Hill is an old bakery-now restaurant specialising in food from the island of Cebu.

Thrillers from Manila: Where to find your Filipino food fix in Sydney

You might know about lechon – the glassy-skinned suckling pig that's one of the Philippines' signature dishes – and you might be familiar with inihaw na liempo (sticky charcoal pork belly skewers). But there's so much more to Filipino food in Australia.

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The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants in Sydney

From halo halo to flavoursome adobo, there’s some tasty eats to be had at these Filipino restaurants in Sydney. While the city has an endless amount of Asian cuisine, these Filipino restaurants really stand out. Mama Lor is a family restaurant in Rooty Hill with a solid variety of traditional Filipino dishes as well as their own homebaked bread and cakes.


Local Knowledge: Mama Lor

Stuffed squid grilled over charcoal; crisp-skin roast pork; and a bakery churning out purple yam cakes, flan, and coconut rolls.

You can see why Mama Lor is so popular. It has a charcoal pit covered with a massive grill covered in charred tilapia (freshwater fish), sticky-pork skewers and whole squids stuffed with tomato, onion and lemongrass.


Mama Lor: Serving your family with a side of the Philippines

There’s no place like home; Mama Lor is a family-owned Filipino restaurant located at Rooty Hill and offers a familiar taste to the Filipino community.

The Sydney-based restaurant offers a variety of traditional Filipino dishes, as well as their own recipe for bread and cakes.


Skillful charcoal grilling and ace baked goods await at this family-owned Filipino bakery and restaurant in Rooty Hill

From the bunch, Mama Lor Restaurant & Bakery stands out for its barbecue dishes — the very heart and soul of Filipino street-food culture, as well as a range of baked delights prepared in the restaurant’s very own in-house bakery.


Like a boss: Young couple plans Filipino food empire in Australia

Sydneysiders Joshua and Sabrina Bantiles are doing their future selves favor - they're dreaming big, hustling hard and paving the way for Filipino food to become common fare in Australia.

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