39 Rooty Hill Road North

Rooty Hill, NSW 2766

(02) 8809 7778

Email: mamalor.rootyhill@gmail.com


187 Watton Street

Werribee, VIC 3030

(03) 9731 0678


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Local Knowledge: Mama Lor

Stuffed squid grilled over charcoal; crisp-skin roast pork; and a bakery churning out purple yam cakes, flan, and coconut rolls.

You can see why Mama Lor is so popular. It has a charcoal pit covered with a massive grill covered in charred tilapia (freshwater fish), sticky-pork skewers and whole squids stuffed with tomato, onion and lemongrass.

Mama Lor: Serving your family with a side of the Philippines

There’s no place like home; Mama Lor is a family-owned Filipino restaurant located at Rooty Hill and offers a familiar taste to the Filipino community.

The Sydney-based restaurant offers a variety of traditional Filipino dishes, as well as their own recipe for bread and cakes.

Skillful charcoal grilling and ace baked goods await at this family-owned Filipino bakery and restaurant in Rooty Hill

From the bunch, Mama Lor Restaurant & Bakery stands out for its barbecue dishes — the very heart and soul of Filipino street-food culture, as well as a range of baked delights prepared in the restaurant’s very own in-house bakery.

Like a boss: Young couple plans Filipino food empire in Australia

Sydneysiders Joshua and Sabrina Bantiles are doing their future selves favor - they're dreaming big, hustling hard and paving the way for Filipino food to become common fare in Australia.